Relaxing at Chancellor’s in Indy

There is a hotel in Indianapolis where I like to stay when I’m there on business. It’s in a convenient location very close to downtown, and the food here are pretty darn delicious, especially its carrot cake. I actually look forward to an Indy trip because of it!

So you can probably imagine my disappointment when I found out that the hotel recently stopped serving the cake at the downstairs restaurant, as well as for room service. None of the servers knew the exact reason why the head chef decided to pull the cake from the menu, but I was tempted to talk to the chef directly and beg him / her to bring it back!

Well, the good thing is that other items on the menu are still worth getting excited over. On one of our free nights, three of my friends / colleagues and I went to Chancellor’s, an upscale but affordable restaurant, located inside the hotel. It was a perfect place to unwind from the busy day at work, without worrying about driving to the city.

I started the night with a piece of fried biscuit with what tasted like an apple butter …

… followed by Fillet, a char-grilled beef tenderloin with lobster and chive potato puree (delicious). My friend / colleague K ordered the same dish and we loved it!

My colleague B ordered the Thai Shrimp Salad with gilled Gulf shrimp and vegetables with Thai basil vinaigrette …

And D ordered the shrimp cocktail to start, and Risotto, with butternut squash and Mascapone as an entrée.

Working can be tough, especially when you’re away from home, but good food and company definitely make the time less stressful. I could have not asked for a better group of people to share the week-long trip with. Go team!

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