New Soap Batches in the Pipeline

I made a couple batches of soap during the holiday break. I gave a new recipe from my favorite soap book a try to see if it can rival the foamy and heavenly luscious lather of the Marseilles Soap that I’ve gotten to love so much after making and using several batches.

The new recipe is for a soap that’s gentle enough for babies (called “Hanna’s Birthday Soap” in the book), with generous amount of sweet almond and avocado oils for moisture. I was feeling a bit adventurous and decided to make a dark, rich green marble design using green tea powder, but I guess I didn’t mix well enough because the swirl didn’t even come out on the soap (it only shows on the top)! I was so bummed when I cut the soap and didn’t see a trace of the beautiful intertwine of rich green and pearly white-colored soap I was so hoping for. 😦

I also made a shampoo bar using rosemary water and honey to provide protection and shine for the hair. My favorite shampoo ever is one of those little bars from a store called Basin (very similar to a very popular Lush) and my hope here is to replicate its wonderful Egg Noggin’ shampoo bar. Because of rosemary, the soap came out very rich in color and slightly softer in texture. I am not sure why but the soap didn’t dry quickly enough (even though I left it out for two days before slicing) and made it pretty difficult for me to cut clean slices!

The third batch is Zesty Lemon Soap with olive, avocado, jojoba, palm, coconut, and olive oils, with a touch of shea butter, and a generous amount of lovely Lemon Verbena and Lemon essential and fragrance oils. I am really excited to use this one because it smells incredible!

Last but not least, I made my favorite, Signature Marseilles Soap with White Tea and Ginger fragrance oil. All the soaps are drying on the shoe rack in my bedroom (courtesy of mom — thanks, mom for the great idea!) until they’re ready for use in about four weeks. I cannot wait to test them out to see how I like them!

My goal is to open my own Esty shop selling these handmade soaps sometime this year so I’m utilizing every opportunity I have to practice, to create the best possible soaps in the marketplace! 🙂 Stay tuned!  I will be giving away free soaps in the near future!

6 thoughts on “New Soap Batches in the Pipeline

  1. HIRONOOO, how are you??

    Are you selling these soaps? OMG I am dying to try some….:):) You should bring some in March and I will buy them from you 🙂


  2. Hi LIta! Long time no talk!

    I am not selling these soaps just yet but I’m hoping to open an online shop soon! I will keep you posted! In the meantime, I will bring some over for you and Robert to try when I visit you in San Diego! I can’t wait to see youuuuu!


  3. Thank you, Andee, for the kind words! Your blog is so amazing. I can’t wait to read through all your helpful posts!


  4. Yeah me tooooo!! 🙂

    Can you believe it’s been almost a year…ugh…time flies 🙂
    Awwweeeee thank youuuuu, I would love to try the soaps 🙂

    I will see you in SD in March!! Go Kings 😀

    Luv, Lita

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