Handmade Gifts with Love

I am not sure if anyone has noticed, but I’ve been changing up things a bit here at the Time for Dinner blog. I started focusing more on home cooked meals instead of simply chronicling things I ate at restaurants, and started incorporating some non-food related topics, such as soap-making and marathon training, into my posts. I still enjoy dining out tremendously and plan to continue to keep the main focus on food (how can I not!), but you can expect to see more random lifestyle topics appearing regularly here on this blog.

In addition to homemade food, I have a huge love for handmade things – clothes, bags, accessories, everything! I think handmade things are personal and warm, especially knowing that someone actually took the time to create something so beautiful just for you. I try to show my love on my friends and family’s special days like birthdays and anniversaries by making something that is one of a kind that they will cherish for years to come. And of course, I make lots of gifts for myself too, just because (no reasons needed). 🙂

Since this blog will now feature anything that I make at home, I wanted to change the title of this site to something with “homemade” and “life” in it, but the particular title that I had in mind was already taken (more on this deliciously beautiful book, A Homemade Life, later) so I’ve decided to just continue to call this, “Time for Dinner.”

Here are some of the crafts I made this year. You can find more information here on my other blog that I’ve deserted for a while.  I will probably end up closing the other blog and bring all the craft contents to this blog.

Thank you for vising my blog. It means so much that you’re here. 🙂

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