Soldier’s and Sailor’s Monument

I just cannot get over how beautiful the Soldier’s and Sailor’s Monument is — standing tall at 284 feet overlooking the city of Indianapolis! (You can read about the history here.)  It is truly impressive!

monument 1

momument 3

momument 4

Indy definitely grew on me and I am sad to leave this city behind as I head home to the sunny Southern California tomorrow morning. The last four days flew by so quickly and I didn’t have a real chance to explore the culture and the rich history of Indy but when I return next month (more traveling!), I will make sure to take some quality time to walk around the neighborhood and enjoy it a little more.

I did take a quick stroll around Downtown Indy to check out the nearby shops and the mall and I even made a new friend!

horse 2

Oh, hello there.

It was quite surreal to see carriages in the middle of office buildings like I was in a fantasy movie or something.  I would have loved to see Hugh Jackman appear, dressed as Leopold.

horse 1

And a big thanks to Qdoba Mexican Grill for its fresh mango salad which helped me get my healthy eating back on track! I feel much better now than I did in Denver, and I even managed to squeeze in a couple runs on a treadmill at three miles each at the hotel gym.

mango salad

I had a wonderful time in Denver and Indy the last two weeks. Although the trip was long, it was certainly worthwhile. I am now looking forward to coming home and finally sleeping in my own bed. I can’t wait to see my boyfriend, family and friends!

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