New City, Renewed Lifestyle: Indianapolis

Hello from Indianapolis 🙂

monumentI arrived to Indianapolis on Saturday afternoon and although it’s already been two full days, I can’t seem to get used to the time difference here. It was funny to depart Denver in the morning and arrive to Indianapolis in the late afternoon, although the flight was a mere two hours. It’s even stranger because it doesn’t get dark here until way past 9:30 p.m. 🙄

The part of the city I’m staying (called Monument Circle) reminds me of Rome, with Soldiers’ and Sailors’ monument standing tall and proud. It’s quite a monument, and I saw a couple weddings taking place there on Sunday. I can’t wait to venture out the city … but not just yet. I gave myself a permission to be lazy over the weekend without feeling guilty, and I spent most of Saturday and Sunday in bed, watching Gladiator (I heart Russell Crowe) and reading In Style magazine, and just relaxing – something I’ve been waiting to do for weeks!

I am, however, more conscious about what to eat here in Indy. Refusing to repeat my poor eating patterns and sedentary behaviors that I displayed in Denver, I am eating healthier options and staying more active. I even hit the gym and ran three miles on Sunday (and it felt great)! The real challenge begins tomorrow when I report to the office but I know I can stay disciplined — yes I can 😮

starbucksI had Perfect Oatmeal and Greek Yogurt for breakfast today (I know that Starbucks is not exactly a place for heathy food, but they are much better than breakfast sandwich with eggs and sausages I ate in Denver). I’m proud of myself that I discarded the granola that came with the yogurt and ate only a teaspoon-full of honey, and used only a sprinkle of brown sugar for the oatmeal. I know that I need to be twice as strong to offset the gluttonous days I spent in Colorado but I’m taking it one (oat) meal at a time!

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