Congratulations, Noelle!

noelle la marathonMy dear friend Noelle completed the Los Angeles Marathon this afternoon and I cannot be any prouder!  Here is me, Noelle and our buddy G smiling at the camera after she crossed the finish line!

It is truly amazing what we humans are capable of achieving, as long as we let our minds believe that life has no limitation.  She certainly proved us that today as she tackled the 26.2-mile journey.

Marathon is such an honest sport that you get back whatever you put in during training, and her hard work and dedication over the last 16-weeks carried her through the journey.  Running and walking the 26.2 miles is just a tip of the iceberg – what she accomplished today is the realization that anything in life is possible.

Congratulations, Noelle! 🙂 And thank you for the inspiration!  Now, have your lovely husband massage your tired feet!

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