Eaters Beware!

Please allow me to vent a little …

I went to Corner Bakery, a little neighborhood bakery that serves sandwiches and salads, for lunch the other day. I ordered a Trio Salad of Greek, Tomato Caprese and Edamame, but Edamame had unfortunately run out so I ordered a DC chicken salad instead although I wasn’t really in the mood for it. I ate it anyway … and it wasn’t all that great. When I returned to the office and checked the nutrition information on the Calorie King site, it turned out a scoop of that mediocre salad contained a whopping 560 calories and 46 grams of fat (and 14 Weight Watcher points)! 😯 I almost fainted when I saw this!

koo koo rooI went to Koo Koo Roo for lunch today. Determined not to make the same mistake I made at Corner Bakery, I ordered an innocent-looking Original Chicken Sandwich – a rotisserie white meat chicken sandwiched in lettuce, tomato and wheat breads. I thought I was making a pretty good choice. I asked them to omit the mayo, the dressing and any condiments that came with it, except for mustard. I even ordered a plain tomato salad on the side. Little that I knew, the sandwich that I just ate contained 661 calories and 28.6 grams of fat! What the #@*@%! How can a chicken, vegetable and two pieces of bread contain that much evil?


I seriously wanted to cry. First time, shame on them. The second time … well, you know the rest. 😳 All I could say is that looks can be very, very deceiving when it comes to food and I have to be super careful from now because the calorie mines are hidden everywhere!

I’m sorry, I don’t mean to be hating on some of your favorite eateries but I was just surprised and a bit disappointed how restaurants that pride themselves in providing “better options” can offer such aweful selections!  600-plus calories in one sandwich?  That’s ridiculous. 😡

2 thoughts on “Eaters Beware!

  1. it’s all so true… i’m with you sista.
    that’s why i’m studying nutrition – for reals!

    it’s insane how much crap restaurants put in. even just for the seemingly innocent & plain bread. loads of butter, bleached flour, salt, shortening… in a way, it’s good that you had this creepy experience and realizing you can’t trust commercial companies.
    most of us don’t have a clue, and become fat by trying to eat right. i too, would go to jamba juice on a daily basis for my health, only to find just how gawd awful their shakes are with loads of sugar.

    taking condiments on the side is a great start. portion control is good, but just know MOST places want business and make profit so they want stuff to taste good, not too concerned with fat calories or how bad they are to our bodies in the long run.

    in doubt, make your own food! bake your own bread. but everything in moderation 🙂

    thanks for posting this. great that you “solved” the “why am i not losing weight by eating healthier?” mystery.


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