In Search of Dream Kitchen

a kitchen 3While people went to amusement parks to escape the heat and let their inner-child come out and play, my friends and I went to model homes over the weekend.  I really enjoy checking out dream kitchens and imagine myself standing there and cooking fabulous meals for the love ones! This is definitely my version of the happiest place on earth 🙂

a kitchenThere were a few houses that we fell in love with but each one had their fair share of pros and cons. More and more I looked at those houses, more and more I’m realizing what I absolutely need and what I can do without.

One thing I can never live without is a spacious kitchen with wonderful natural lights coming in from windows.  An island would be wonderful, a space roomy enough that I can knead bread and doughs directly onto the granite surface.  I like the idea of having a counter that is open so I can see people in the living room and the dining room even while I stand in the kitchen … so many possibilities!

Now if only I can win a lottery …

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