Brother from Another Mother?


Until just recently, I thought it was chef Michael Symon who was sitting there as one of the judges for Ultimate Recipe Showdown on Food Network. I thought, “what a show hog … he already has two other shows in Iron Chef America AND Dinner: Impossible, and now he’s on this too?” Then, I learned that this was chef Michael Psilakis instead. Is it just me or do they really look identical? And they even share the same first name and specialize in the same, Mediterranean cuisine! By the way, it’s chef Psilakis on the left, and chef Symon on the right, for those of you who are confused too.


Similarly, I thought Amy Adams (left) and Isla Fisher (right) were one and the same for a long time. I thought the crazy girl in Wedding Crashers was the Cinderella in Enchanted, and thought, “wow, this girl has some serious range!” Well, now I know. But man, they are both so adorable!


And as much I love Sarah Jessica Parker, I have to agree that she looks like a horse (but a really pretty horse, of course!).

4 thoughts on “Brother from Another Mother?

  1. Hi Saori,

    Do you mean Sarah Jessica Parker and the horse? 🙂 Oh yeah, don’t you think these chefs really, really look alike? But the strange thing is that I find Chef Psilakis to be super hot but not chef Symon … weird! I know certain looks sell on TV but they didn’t have to bring a total lookalike! It’s like when you thought Lisa Loeb and Rachael Ray looked like sisters when both of their shows were on Food Network.


  2. Hi Jillian! Yeah, they are virtually identical, aren’t they! I guess the Food Network likes that certain look!


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