Heavenly Sweets: Saint Cupcakes


My obsession for cupcakes did not catch on immediately, as my first encounter with designer cupcakes at Sprinkles, I felt, was quite mediocre. Yet the curiosity for the little, playful morsels grew over several months and after sampling colorful array of them at every opportunity I get, I’ve become a real fan … even the ones from Sprinkles! They are just so fun to eat and I just can’t get enough!


Saint Cupcake is a little bakeshop in Northwest Portland that serves unique flavors like The Fat Elvis, a banana and chocolate chip cake with peanut butter and chocolate frosting, which earned the covenant spot as one of the Country’s Best Cupcakes. I needed to check this place out while I was in Portland so Tiffany and I headed over to the shop before dinner to make sure that we secured the famous cupcake named after the legendary King. It was great that we went there on a Tuesday because I found out later (when I visited for the second time later that week) that The Fat Elvis cupcakes are only available on Tuesdays and Thursdays.


I tried toasted coconut cream, red velvet, chocolate with vanilla cream cheese icing, carrot cake, and the Fat Elvis, and out of all the wonderful cakes, my favorite was the good old chocolate. The Fat Elvis was delicious but tasted more like a banana muffin than a cupcake and the frosting was a little too heavy. The Red Velvet was good but on the dry side (I know how difficult it is to make a moist Red Velvet) but I must say that Saint Cupcakes is perhaps my favorite or at least the second favorite place I’ve visited thus far in the county. And I really loved the fact that this place offers mini-sized cupcakes, which allows you to sample more cupcakes with slightly less guilt. This should explain how I was able to sample so many cupcakes in two days! It even offers various vegan cupcakes. If you’re in Portland or vising the city, definitely check this place out. These little sweet cupcakes will certainly make your day 🙂


Saint Cupcake
407 NW 17th Avenue, Portland, OR 97209

4 thoughts on “Heavenly Sweets: Saint Cupcakes

  1. I knowwwwwww 😦 I’ve definitely gone overboard in Portland but there are so many great places that I had to check out … I think I gained at least 5 lbs. in one week! But that’s okay. I’ll be back to my healthier lifestyle once I’m back home 🙂

  2. i guess it’s worth it if it’s a five-star restaurant!
    i went beach running today – let’s run this saturday? i gained 5lbs for no reason… at least you had a nice cupcake. 🙂

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