Best Restaurant Award 2008: Grace Restaurant

grace-restaurantHaving two weeks off from work is fabulous, but having two weeks off with no motivation to get your ass out of bed can be a real disaster. I had things I wanted to do during the holidays all planned out – wake up early and go for a run, do a full-blown winter clean up around the house, catch up on reading, and maybe knit a sweater or two – everything I couldn’t do easily with the 8-to-5 obligation. But instead, I’ve spend the week and a half of vacation mostly in bed (I hate being sick!), doing nothing truly productive, and just watching meaningless television shows just so that I can kill some more brain cells. But watching The Food Network is worth destroying my brain cells for because I just can’t get enough of my favorite home cooks / professional chefs whip up delicious meals few feet away from my bed.

I generally enjoy most of the shows on Food Network but the worst show to ever hit the airwave was something like Dishing with, or Wasting Time or rather, with Rachael Ray, where she sat down with celebrities in their favorite restaurants to talk, or just talk over the guests who, unlike Miss EVOO herself, actually have something important to say. She may be able to whip up somewhat edible meals in 30 minutes, but she sure didn’t know how to interview people (she doesn’t seem to like to listen). I’m glad it’s no longer on the air, but then again, she was rewarded with a national daytime talk show … I just don’t get it. I will admit that she is adorable and somewhat inspirational … I just wish she came less annoying!

But one good thing that came out of the show was that I was introduced to Grace, my Best Restaurant Award 2008 winner. The restaurant was featured as guest Aisha Tyler’s favorite restaurant in Los Angeles and has been mine as well ever since I saw her devour the doughtnut for dessert! I love the food and the ambience of the restaurant so much that I celebrate special occasions here – my birthday, my sister’s birthday, and Christmas dinner with my boyfriend … you name it, I’ve held it at Grace! If you’ve never been to this place, please check it out and enjoy the beautiful, clean, seasonal and absolutely graceful dining experience.

Here are some pictures from my last outing with the Epicurious Threesome 🙂



Three Soups: Tomato & Piquillo Pepper Soup, goat cheese monte cristo, Roasted Chestnut & Squash Soup, duck confit, toasted pistachios and Thai Lobster Soup. Please, please try the soup, and try all three if you can … you will NOT be disappointed 🙂


Salad with proscciutto-wrapped peaches


Fried zucchini


Grilled scallop with risotto


Grilled salmon


Poached halibut


Doughnuts … please try these too .. they are absolutely to die for.

Well, I guess this is it for me for 2008. Thank you so much for vising my blog and there will be many, many more great foods to come in 2009. Please have a safe new year celebration and wishing you and your loved ones a very happy, healthy and prosperous 2009. Bon appetite!

Grace Restaurant
7360 Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles, CA

2 thoughts on “Best Restaurant Award 2008: Grace Restaurant

  1. Hi babe!! I never heard you mention this one before…. 🙂
    I want to take you there… wish I can be there for your b’day in couple of days… (need a reminder?)… LOL!!

    I am planning to be there in early March… probably we can go there…. or I miss our little French restaurant la frite… either one…. LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog!!!

    You are an amazing writer!!
    Love, Maya

  2. Maya! I can’t wait to see you in March! We should definitely go to Grace … maybe we can celebrate both our birthdays since your was just a few month prior. Thanks for your encouragement and support for this blog. Without you, I would have no reader … hee hee.


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