Best Culinary City Award 2008: Portland, Oregon


Over the last couple of years, Portland, Oregon, has become my culinary sweetheart, charming me with its beautiful and soul-satisfying Pacific Northwest cuisines. Thanks to the resident foodie Tiffany (who is also the one-third of the Epicurious Threesome) and my best friend, Maya, for their expert advice, I’ve been able to sample some of the best tasting cuisines this city could offer 🙂

And therefore, my Favorite Culinary City recognition goes to Portland, and I’m sure this doesn’t surprise many, as I rave about it frequently here on this blog. I’ve decided to post some pictures from my recent trips to the city as a tribute, as well as for your viewing pleasures!

Mother’s Bistro and Bar
212 SW Stark Street, Portland, OR

This place is the ultimate place for weekend breakfast or brunch. Just take a look at the beautiful Belgian Waffle with fresh berries I ordered! I can’t think of a better way to start the day! The regular menu is pretty impressive too and I can’t wait to visit there for lunch or dinner next time I’m in town!




Papa Hyden
701 NW 23rd, Portland, OR

Here are some pictures from my favorite pastry shop in Portland, Papa Haydn, that specializes in decadent desserts. Maya and I found this place by accident a while back when we stumbled into the Jo Bar next door (and serves its desserts there) and has been our favorite since. Maya loves this place that she takes her visiting friends here and enrich their lives by having some sweets. God bless her and Papa Hayden 🙂


Cassata, Kahlua and espresso-soaked sponge cake with bittersweet chocolate-ricotta filling.


Baked Alaska


Strawberry cheesecake with rubarb

Jo Bar
715 NW 23rd, Portland, OR

After Tiffany and I completed the Portland Marathon, we, along with Maya and my boyfriend, went to Jo Bar to celebrate. We intended to stuff ourselves with desserts from Papa Haydn next door (after running 26.2 miles in the rain, I think we’re entitled to this level of gluttony!) but it was too crowded so we decided to go next door. Jo Bar and Papa Haydn are connected and you can order desserts from there even at Jo Bar.


Baked Mac n Cheese with Garganelli pasta with cheddar cheese and Ranch House Red ($13.00).


Cubano Sandwich, Pork shoulder slow-roasted in honey, chiles and lime juice, layered on demi-baguette with Swiss cheese, pickled jalapenos, prosciutto and garlic aioli ($11.50).


Chimay Burger, House ground filet with roasted onions and Chimay brie, on a Grand Central brioche bun ($11.00).


Salumi Pizza, with artisan salumi, rustic herbed tomato sauce and fresh mozzarella ($12.00).

Higgins Restaurant and Bar
1239 SW Broadway, Portland, OR

These are from Higgins Restaurant and Bar, one of Portland’s favorite restaurants. I was there earlier this year when we had the team meeting here for work.








Park Kitchen
422 NW 8th, Portland, OR

… and last but not least, Park Kitchen. Park Kitchen comes in close second, just after Paley’s, as my ultimate favorite restaurant in the city. Although I’ve only been to this popular eatery once, I was absolutely smitten by the food and the atmosphere the moment I walked into this small but cozy resaturant. Every Portland foodie I know recommends this place and there’s no question why. If I can find a way to pluck this place and plant it in Los Angeles, I would! I was so into the food that I forgot to take pictures except for this fried bacon appetizer. Yes, you heard it right – these bacon strips are deep fried in more oil. We ordered it as a joke but it turned out that the joke was on us. They were absolutely delicious … although this is probably a culinary equivalent of injecting a chunk of lard directly into your artery.


Thank you to the city of Portland by giving me so much fun and joy! I look forward to more good times in 2009 🙂

5 thoughts on “Best Culinary City Award 2008: Portland, Oregon

  1. Been trying to go to Mother’s… but impossible to get in on Sunday… HAHA..!!

    That waffle… hmmm hmmm yes…. nothing more I can say… 🙂


  2. Hi Maya!

    I think of you every time I see the pictures of the lovely pastries and cakes from Papa Haydn. I still remember getting lost and ending up at other Papa Haydn in middle of nowhere! Thanks for all the memories in 2008 … dining out with you is ALWAYS so much fun. More to come in 2009!


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