A Little Homesick (but still eating well)

food-standI had a hearty plate of steak, rice and beans at a little hole-in-a-wall diner a few blocks from the hotel. I actually wanted something else on the menu but they were out of all three items I wanted to try. I was happy with the dish I ended up having, but I was hoping that I would have maybe a side of vegetable to go with the steak (what was expecting?). The restaurant was part diner, part bar (and a juice bar too) and part convenience store — a one-stop shop for everything and anything you need.

Just to ensure that I’m getting enough vitamins for the day, I ordered an acai smoothie which were bright purple and delicious. My boyfriend called me on my Blackberry while I was dining there and I suddenly got home sick (yes, I was the strange Asian girl chomping down on steak and fried egg with watery eyes!). I really wish he was in Brazil and sharing these delicious food and experiences with me. I miss him, and my friends and family, very much.



2 thoughts on “A Little Homesick (but still eating well)

  1. i see this combo everywhere in the world… gooey egg and juciy meat go so well over hot rice…reminds me of loco moco from hawaii! or natto with raw egg over steamed rice from japan 🙂

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