A New Kind of Mexican: Sharkey’s

shakeysI love Mexican food.  Black beans, rice, tortilla and chunky salsa  … you name it, I would eat it (and a lot of it). But ever since I’ve given up eating meat (except for occasional beef here and there), I don’t make a trip to Mexican joints as frequently as I once did (in search of juicy carne asadas). I’m a little more selective when it comes to which joint to go now, making sure that the place serves organic ingredients, plethora of vegetarian dishes, maybe some fresh fish plates.  And don’t forgot those great pico de gallo — that’s very important.

Sharkey’s Woodfired Mexican Grill fits everything on the bill, and thank goodness for them. In a time where so many Mexican restaurants are compromising quality to keep costs down, Sharkey’s manages to provide freshness and flavor in all the dishes it serves at a very, reasonable price. Granted, it’s virtually impossible to make Mexican food super healthy but you can definitely taste the difference in the ingredients here.

My favorite here – especially when you’re in a mood for something different – is this Four Cheese Pizza made in stone fire, with diced tomatoes, four cheese blend, grilled red onion, cilantro sour cream, tomatillo cheese sauce on a thin jalapeno-cilantro crust.


The staples are as delicious. Here’s the Tempura Battered Mahi Mahi Tacos, and


Grilled Vegetarian Burrito, Ranchero Style.


Sharkey’s Woodfired Mexican Grill
In Burbank Empire Center
1791 North Victory Place, Burbank, CA 91505

5 thoughts on “A New Kind of Mexican: Sharkey’s

  1. i want to recommend jerry’s mexican food in the heart of fashion district in downtown (on los angeles ave. and 8th, next to subway.) everything is made fresh, not greasy, great chicken burrito, beef taquitos with sour cream and guac.
    and a friendly staff!
    they’re super good – like the place featured above, it’s not like the typical fast food… they even serve good red wines and become like a bar at night with karaoke nights. i ate there almost everyday when i worked at porridge! YUM!!

  2. yes! it’s so tiny but they share a seating area (like the food court at the old santa monica mall) with other chinese place. but definitely look for subway sign first, since it’s right next to it.

    they’re so great & reasonable… i know it’s not a 5-star restaurant with a waiter, but i must say they have the BEST mexican food in los angeles. my friends from east l.a. (the hood!!) confirms it!

    tip: i always order a chicken burrito, but since it’s too huge and yes, i do feel a little guilty eating mexican food, so i order it “open-faced” (tortilla on the side, i usually skip it) and it serves like a chicken platter, just a lot cheaper. chicken burrito is $4.95 and chicken platter is $8.95! their salsa bar is wonderful too.

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