Mother’s Day Celebration: Kushiyu

mothers-day-liversEvery year, a venue for the Mother’s Day celebration is a toss up between Kushiyu and a few other Japanese restaurants but the yakitori house in Tarzana won out this year.  And I’m glad it did.

I like the playfulness of yakitori, the Japanese skewers. It’s like eating fondue, expect contents of vegetable and protein are a little more nutritionally dense than a melted cheese and a piece of bread. These yakitoris are more of a casual eat in Japan – perhaps something you munch on while enjoying ice cold Sapporo at izakaya (Here’s the 411 on yakitori) – but Kushiyu, a popular Ventura Blvd. joint, somehow turned the Japanese pub food it into a chic, trendy staple of an upscale Valley community. It’s not uncommon to run into some celebrities here dining at a sushi counter.

But unlike those celebrities, I like to go straight to yakitoris and a few appetizers when I’m at Kushiyu (we don’t mess with sushi here), and I’m glad my family was up for it as well.


Oyster in curry sauce (front) and fried crab and shiitake mushroom (back)


Crispy tuna (crispy rice topped with spicy tuna)


Vegetable and Seafood Yakitori Combination


Renkon (our favorite!)

Happy Mother’s Day, mom!  Thanks for everything and we love you!

18713 Ventura Blvd., Tarzana, CA 91356

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