Simply Sophisticated: Seafood Risotto

seafood-risottoRisotto is like a great little black dress. It’s very simple to make yet it gives that feeling of sophistication and class, and is appropriate for any occasions – for a dinner party with friends, or on a lazy night like tonight.

I realized that I hadn’t cooked anything in a long time so I thought tonight would a great time to put on an apron (okay, I don’t do that), roll up my sleeves and slave over the stove for a fantastic supper. But the problem is, I didn’t really want to get down and dirty and also wasn’t craving anything particularly extravagant (I think the recent heat wave in the Valley has gotten to me a bit. It’s been pretty hot lately, especially in the armpit of hell where I live) so I needed something simple and quick but still satisfies like a real, meaningful dinner.

Remembering that I still had Arborio rice left from my last risotto attempt and some chicken broth in a pantry (yes, I don’t eat the flesh of the meat but I still freely consume animal products when it comes in a liquid form … haha), I decided to give this Italian comfort food another try.  Only this time, instead of mushrooms and pancetta, I made it with shrimps and scallops I had in a refrigerator.

seafood-risotto-2If Risotto is a little black dress, La Cruset pot is like a wonderful pair of Jimmy Choo heels that completes the outfit. This lime green cast iron pot is magical, and there’s no other way to describe it. The way it makes chopped onion and carrots caramelize is nothing short of perfection, and it has a way of making the cooking process incredibly enjoyable.
With a glass of iced Riesling in her arm, my Risotto was definitely the talk of the party tonight.

6 thoughts on “Simply Sophisticated: Seafood Risotto

  1. your food – whether extra fancy or home-y – is always so good… this risotto idea is another great way to use what’s in your fridge instead of feeling like you’re eating leftovers. you can pretty much throw anything and everything in there huh!

    is that cute green cast iron pot new? is that non-stick?
    what is the great advantage of this pot other than looking super cute and retro?

  2. Hi Saori!

    The La Cruset cast iron pot is the best thing. It distributes heat perfectly when cooking … it makes everything you cook delicious and tender …. it’s hands down one of the best kitchen tools in the world : – )

    Yeah, risotto is good that you can pretty much through everything except the kitchen sink! I ate two bowls full of it before the 10k run, and ate some more after! I’m all carbed out but it was worth it!


  3. cool!
    what’s the ratio to rice – water?!
    what’s the secret dashi – just any broth?!
    i have some leftover rice that’s getting sorta old (brown) so i want to try risotto 🙂

  4. Hi Saori,

    You would want to use Arborio rice for risotto, instead of brown rice. It gives that creamy texture that makes risotto so heavenly. Yep, I only use chicken broth to thicken — water is good too but I like a little more flavor. I think I used 2 cups of rice with 6 cups of chicken broth, so that’ll be 1:3 ratio.


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