Paris in Your Backyard: Little Next Door


When I walked into Little Next Door for desserts and a cup of warm cappuccino the other night, I felt like I was suddenly back in Paris. The smell of freshly ground coffee beans, the menu written on a chalkboard, and the colorful macarons in the glass showcase took me back to a neighborhood café in Paris, where I spent hours writing postcards to friends back home.


Little Next Door is a little sister of the lovely The Little Door located … well, you guessed it, next door, and although it’s more of a café than a restaurant, its charm is undeniable. Just like the cafe in Paris, Little Next Door is one of those alluring places where you can sit for hours with friends – and that’s frankly what we did that night, while enjoying late night desserts of Madame Framboise, Macaronade, Éclair, a colorful arrays of delicious French Macarons … with a side of laughter.


Madame Framboise, chocolate genoise, chocolate mousse, & raspberries


Macaronade, almond dequoise with pastry cream and raspberries


Eclair, choux puff filled with vanilla or chocolate pastry cream

Little Next Door
8164 West Third Street
Los Angeles, CA 90048

2 thoughts on “Paris in Your Backyard: Little Next Door

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