Fusion Vs. Confusion: Seared Albacore with Wasabi Butter

1If I were a dish, I think I would be something like this one I cooked up the other day: a seared albacore with wasabi butter and ponzu, with a side of Japanese eggplant and asparagus grilled with sea salt and olive oil. It may sound complicated but it is rather a simple dish of fresh fish and traditional Asian ingredients jazzed up with a little bit of everyday items. I would like to think of myself hopefully as someone who successfully adapted to the American way of life while managing to preserve the authentic Japanese heritage, like a fusion cuisine.

I just don’t want to be a human equivalent of one of those stupid “tampon” restaurants (it’s teppan, you idiot) who screams out “bonsai!” (a bonsai is a plant, you dumb ass) while doing sake bombs (you clueless dim wits). Now, that’s con-friggin-fusion.

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