Beat It: A Biscotti and a Puck

Question: What does biscotti and ice hockey have in common?  Answer: Everything.

In my life, baking has become synonymous with the Los Angeles Kings hockey in a strange, serendipity kind of way. Here’s the story.

About five years ago, I went to my first hockey game at the Staple Center and fell absolutely in love with the sport and my local team. Since then, my life has revolved around the Kings and my mood heavily depended on the outcome of each game. And if you follow professional hockey at all, you can imagine what kind of despair, disappointment and rage I’ve had to endure since … well … 2002 to present.

One night, after yet another loss, I got so frustrated that I needed to do something to calm my nerves. So I went into my kitchen at 11:00 p.m., cracked open eggs, pour sugar and melted butter in a bowl, and started beating the crap out of the mixture. The motion relieved the aggression and somehow relaxed me, and I began performing this Zen ritual after each frustrating loss.  And let me tell you, I did A LOT of baking in the last several years.


There’s nothing more therapeutic than taking out my aggression on the innocent butter and sugar.


Calming down a bit …


… I think I’m okay now …

Well, the new hockey season has just begun and tomorrow is our first home game! It’s time to turn over a new leaf, a new beginning, a new hope. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that I don’t need to open a pastry shop in April.


Regardless, I will ALWAYS love my boys! Go Kings go!

3 thoughts on “Beat It: A Biscotti and a Puck

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