Another Baby, Another Stomachache!

No, I’m not having a baby.

But I read somewhere that five babies are born every second, which means 300 babies are born every 60 seconds. Sixty seconds … that’s one short minute.  That’s crazy.

Seriously, what can you do in one minute? Not much, I’m guessing … unless you are me, of course. If you are me, you can, in one minute, run to the loo, take care of business, wash hands and run back. It’s the truth. All in 60 seconds. I know this because I popped my lunch in a microwave at work today and set the timer to exactly one minute. In the meantime, I ran to the restroom and did, you know, all the above mentioned, and when I came back, the microwave was still running. And yes, I did wash my hands. I promise.

Well, if babies are popping out right and left at the speed of light, I bet blogs are conceived and delivered as quickly, or even at a faster rate. What a scary thought. In a world where everyone is trying to channel their inner Carrie Bradshaw, who needs yet another blog to congest the already jammed packed blogsophere?  I keep asking myself the same question as I write my first entry.

I’m a self-proclaimed blog stalker. I rarely leave comments but I read them all the time, to a point where I’m beginning to fear that I may be an addict. I read tons of food blogs daily because, for the obvious reason that I love food, and because so many food bloggers are such great writers.  Many of them are imaginative, hilarious and truly entertaining.

As I get ready to dive into the deep end of this whole blog thing and join the food bloggers alike, I can promise you several things. First, this blog will not contain any of the things that make food blogs so wonderful. It will neither be imaginative, hilarious nor entertaining. Also, this blog will not be informative. I will not provide a helpful review of extravagant restaurants that people always talk about (I’m broke), hottest spots in town (my ideal Saturday night consists of frozen yogurt and Netflix with my boyfriend thus I don’t go out much) and provide anything relevant to its readers (if there would be any).

Instead, this blog will simply be a place where I document what my boyfriend and I had for dinner (or breakfast or lunch). That’s all. But what I do have in common with other food bloggers is that I love food. This blog will be my homage to my hobby, my true love, my way of life, and the core purpose of my existence.

I love food and food loves me. This explains why everything I consume sticks to my ass and never lets go. And my stomach sure feels like I’m nine-months pregnant with triplets all the time, I tell ya.

Anyway, welcome to my bundle of joy.

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